🇺🇸 - How to Clean Faux Fur and Untangle it - The Guide

When investing in a lovely Faux fur Parka, it's important to consider how to clean faux fur in advance - you definitely want to be prepared for the process! 
In this article, we'll show you
1. How to clean Faux Fur
2. How to untangle Faux Fur
1. How to clean faux fur
Faux fur clothing trend is taking the center stage in the fur fashion industry today..  Faux fur offers some advantages over real fur by being more resistant to insect damage and more stable during moisture and temperature changes. Faux or fake fur coats take a bit of extra care to keep them looking their best all year round. While many faux fur coats or trimmed garments recommend dry cleaning only, we'll show you how to clean faux fur from home. If you do decide to take it to a dry cleaner, make sure that the company is well-trained and able to explain its process of how to clean faux fur in advance.
The same cleaning techniques recommended for faux fur coats can be used for faux fur blankets, throws and removable pillow covers that have become a decorating staple.
When trying out our How to Clean Faux Fur guide, we recommend the faux fur is short in length or looped. Long-haired and shaggy faux fur accessories are very prone to knotting and matting. If you plan to wash them at home, long and shaggy faux fur should always be hand washed. You've been wondering how to clean faux fur for solong? Avoid as much agitation (spinning or wringing) and high heat as possible.

2. How to Smooth and Untangle Faux Fur

After washing, the fur may appear to be slightly matted. You can fluff it up again by brushing gently with a soft bristled brush. You can also toss the coat into a tumble dryer and use the AIR ONLY setting. NO HEAT!

In addition to brushing the coat, you may be able to smooth the fibers by mixing a teaspoon of hair conditioner with 2 cups of water. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and spritz the fur in a small area. Use a soft bristle brush to gently brush the fur. Work in a small area and work slowly. If fibers come out, then you are brushing too hard. When you are finished, wipe down the area with a clean, damp white cloth and allow to air dry.

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