🇺🇸 How to store real fur


How do you store a fur coat at home?
Are you wondering how you to most safely store your fur coat at home?  Then worry no more. The fur coat should be stored in the coolest, darkest closet available in your home.  Always make Use of Fur Storage Bags to avoid Moth Balls. Fur coats should never be stored in a plastic bag, as the bag will cut off the air supply and may cause the pelt and fur to dry out.


Breathing Room
Fur needs air circulation to keep its leather side from drying. Don't cover it in a plastic bag. If you absolutely must keep it covered for a short period of time, be sure it's in a loosely woven cloth bag.


Summer Vacation
Nothing shortens the lifespan of a fur like keeping it cooped up in the closet during hot summer months. Even using air conditioning or a cedar closet, will not protect your fur from drying out or from dust, dirt and insect damage. For best storage of your fur clothing at home, it is recommended you get a fur vault. Fur vaults are specially designed environments, with carefully controlled temperature and humidity. When furs are not professionally stored, though the fur may appear undamaged, the natural oils in the leather may have dried out, prematurely aging your garment and leaving it more vulnerable to rips and tears.