We offer 3 different kinds of
Mix & Match real fur Parka

Don't know how your real fur parka might look like? Get inspired by our customers choices below!

Faux Fur Inner Lining

+ XXL Raccoon Fur Collar

Real Rabbit Fur Inner Lining

+ XXL Raccoon Fur Collar

Real Mink Fur Inner Lining

+ XXL Raccoon Fur Collar

What our customers say about their real fur Parka

"I never knew there was the possibility to Mix & Match your own! I got a Gift Card from a few friends to my birthday &  was super hyped to Design my own real fur Parka!
- Greatest experience!"

Hannah, Croatia

"The customer service is insane! I asked to change the collar color after I made the order and luckily they made it happen! Since its custom made and only produced-when-ordered I didn't expect it to be possible! - Thank you guys the real fur Parka is my favourite now!!

Gülcan, Germany

"I always try to find new pieces that are hard to catch on others and with all these options the chances of someone wearing the same real fur parka is literally 0%!!

Also, I get compliments on it all the time - LOOVEE it!"

Donjeta, USA

Examples of a personalized real fur parka

How to Mix & Match Your Short, Midi & Long Parka

1. Step - Choose your Parka

We have different Styles & Sizes to choose from. Pick your beloved real fur Parka first in the "Mix & Match" Main Menu of the Shop

2. Step - Choose your Outer Jacket

From black, to Beige - we got you! Choose what you love most and suits your individual style!

3. Step - Choose your Inner Lining & Collar

From a variety of colors and materials, choose your perfect matching inner lining and collar for your Mix & Match real fur Parka. 

4. Step - Add spare Collar and Hangers to your order

In order to style your real fur Mix & Match real fur Parka in so many different ways, we strongly recommend to add a spare collar to your order. It's detachable and can be changed any time!

Don't forget to add extra hangers to your order, since a heavy real fur Parka needs to rest on suitable hangers, too.


Want to mix up your real fur Parka even at home?
No Problem! Simply add as many spare collars as you wish to your cart and customize your real fur parka any time, any place!

Every single Collar fits every single real fur Parka
on www.onlyours.de!

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Our premium natural camphor wood hanger are the perfect accessory to complete your luxury wardrobe.

Not only is it insect- & mildew-proof,
but it's also kept in its natural color of the camphor tree.

The wood hanger color and fragrance is pure nature to your senses!

Available in sets of 5 & 10 

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